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NY State Mold Law Fact Sheet

NY State Guidance on Hiring a Mold Assessor

Mold Assessments and Clearance Document

The purpose of an assessment is the attempt to discover mold growth, and/or conditions that are likely to facilitate mold growth.  In accordance with NY State Labor Law Chapter 551 Article 32, the assessment consists of a visual inspection of the property in order to prepare a specific mold remediation plan for your mold removal contractor to use in developing their work plan. Upon completion of the mold removal, the inspector will return to issue a clearance document stating that all visual signs of mold have been removed, mold is unlikely to return, and the work was done in compliance with the remediation plan.   

Single Area Mold Assessment (Basement, Attic,Etc.): $295.00

Whole Home Mold Assessment: $650.00

Mold Sampling: $95.00 Per sample

Commercial Building Assessment: Call for pricing

Sample Mold Assessment