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New Home Owner Orientation & Annual Maintenance Inspections

Did waiving your home inspection leave you with unanswered questions?
Let our professional inspectors answerer your questions, teach you about your house and prepare you for what to budget for in the future.

New Home Owner Orientation

In addition to a standard home inspection, our inspectors will spend an hour with you, walking through your new home. This hands-on tutorial and detailed discussion will give you a deeper understanding of your home’s mechanics and systems. Perfect for the first-time homebuyer, those who declined an initial home inspection, or someone that just wants to know more about their home.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

When you purchased your home inspection it most likely included statements like monitor, re-evaluate, budget for, or replace in the near future. This program goes into more details about those pieces and helps you understand cost and priority of those replacements.

  • Identifying and Labeling
    • All utility shut offs (mains & appliances)
    • Storm and sanitary plumbing cleanouts
    • Systems filter type and sizes
  • Learn how to Identify and label existing circuits.
  • Thermal Imaging

Energy Improvements

  • Where and how to insulate
  • Where and how to reduce energy usage
  • Common misconceptions about energy savings

Emergency Response Actions

  • Fire extinguisher placement
  • Smoke and CO2 detector placement
  • Callout of any safety concerns

How To's

  • How-to’s for common household repairs and upgrades
    • Changing outlets, locks, fixtures, cleaning vents & filters.
  • Suggestions on home improvements
  • Reputable contractor list
  • Decision guidance

Yearly Assistance & Follow Up

  • Scheduled follow ups for continued maintenance
  • More opportunity for Q&A, let us be your guide!
  • Paper trail and reports for everything

Maintenance List & Action Items

  • FREE 100+ page book full of checklists, reminders, and how-to’s
  • Discounts for future inspections
  • Consider our annual maintenance program for ongoing maintenance suggestions

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